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November 2018 Archives

1 killed, several injured in Connecticut car accident

During the holiday seasons, many people may observe additional traffic as people travel to spend time with family and friends and complete holiday shopping. While drivers should remain vigilant at all times, it is especially important to do so when there could be increased traffic. Unfortunately, a recent car accident in Connecticut, believed to have been caused by a driver who failed to respond to slowing traffic, has resulted in a fatality.

Low conflict divorce resolutions in Connecticut

Television and movie dramatizations would have everyone believe that the end of a marriage is a contention-filled battle that plays out in front of a judge. However, as the law firm of Mariani Reck Lane LLC knows, this does not have to be the case. Low conflict options, such as mediation and a collaborative divorce, can help couples in Connecticut reduce the stress and financial strain often associated with the end of their romantic relationship.

The benefits of mediation during divorce

Even if you feel ready to end your marriage, the prospect of going through the overwhelming divorce process could be holding you back from moving forward. However, divorce does not have to involve drawn-out legal battles performed before a judge. For Connecticut couples who are ready for an amicable end, mediation provides an effective alternative.

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