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Divorce Mediation that Really Works

Attorney Linda Mariani offers a new approach to divorce mediation that can provide for a peaceful, time efficient, cost effective, fair, personalized and dignified experience. Mediation is a private and confidential process and is much more convenient and flexible for both of you without the rigors and time commitment of court involvement.

Most importantly, people contemplating divorce want to know what factors the divorce judge will examine in determining how to divide assets, income, and debt between the parties. Parents want to know what factors will be important in custody and parental access decisions. All couples want an idea of what a court might do under their particular facts and circumstances.

Attorney Mariani will explain the criteria that every family court judge must consider in dividing assets and income, and in awarding alimony, child support, and educational support. Based on Attorney Mariani’s experience as a divorce lawyer for almost 40 years, and as a board-certified family law trial advocate, couples will be provided with a range of likely outcomes if the case were to be litigated. Armed with that knowledge and information, couples are generally more comfortable in negotiating an agreement that fits their family’s particular circumstances.

Couples will be required to provide full financial disclosure with the understanding that the willful withholding of financial information can serve to invalidate any agreement. Trained family therapists and certified accountants will be brought into the negotiations, only if necessary. All divorce paperwork will be prepared by the law firm of Mariani Reck Lane, LLC. Most couples find divorce mediation to be empowering and are far more likely to comply with the terms of their agreement. Mediation results in a more thorough and practical agreement based on your family’s unique needs.

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What Is Divorce Mediation?

In mediation, both parties meet with a neutral third party (the mediator), with the goal of reaching a mutually acceptable agreement. If mediation proves to be unsuccessful, however, the parties still retain the option of litigating their divorce.

What Is A Collaborative Divorce?

In a collaborative divorce, each spouse has his or her own attorney who is trained to work in a nonadversarial way as part of a collaborative team. This team consists of two divorce “coaches,” a neutral financial specialist and a child specialist. Each party selects his or her own collaborative lawyer and divorce coach, and together they choose the financial and child specialists.

The object of the collaborative model is to permit the parties to settle each and every aspect of their divorce through a series of meetings with one or all members of the team without going to court. In fact, a signed participation agreement commits the parties to refrain from any participation in a court process until the final agreement is put to judgment. All team members agree to withdraw if the case goes to court. Parties must agree to transparency and open sharing of information.

Learn more about collaborative divorce on our FAQ page.

What Are The Benefits?

Both mediation and collaborative divorce focus on resolving problems and creating solutions. Communication is intended to be civil and respectful, which can make the process easier on both you and your children.

Using a private, less adversarial model also permits you to make well-informed and appropriate decisions that will minimize future conflict. You can protect yourself and your children from the hostility and intrusion of the court process. The security and privacy of mediation or collaborative divorce also means less anxiety and more control over the outcome. You are free to develop creative agreements that truly meet your family’s needs.

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