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Connecticut woman accused of assault after neighbor dispute

Many people in Connecticut know of the stress that is often associated with living next to someone who may be inconsiderate, making it difficult to get along. While such a scenario is frequently irritating, it rarely results in violence. Despite this, a woman is now accused of assault after she allegedly become involved in a dispute with a neighbor.

Police say they were called to a residence during the early morning hours of a day in early February. Upon arrival, they reportedly discovered a 55-year-old woman who was "bleeding profusely" from her head. She was treated at the scene before being transported to the hospital.

Did a distracted driver cause your Connecticut collision?

The day of the accident is deeply etched in your mind. Perhaps you even remember exactly the clothes you wore and your destination at the time. It's also not uncommon for sounds, smells or various images to replay themselves over and over in your mind if you suffered injury in a serious motor vehicle collision. You may have trouble sleeping at night and may show signs of post-traumatic stress disorder.

First responders, police and other rescue personnel probably made it to the scene of your collision soon after someone reported the accident. Whether you spent several hours, days or weeks in the hospital afterward, you no doubt rejoiced when your medical team informed you that you could go home. Going home after a car accident, however, doesn't necessarily mean your problems are over. Your need for support likely did not end there.

Did your doctor fail to do a C-section when you needed one?

When you have a baby, you may have no way of knowing whether or not your condition during labor might suggest a need to do an emergency C-section unless you personally have an extensive background in obstetrics and gynecology. That's why you trust your doctor to be able to recognize signs of maternal or fetal distress and make decisions in your best interest to keep you and your baby as safe as possible.

The average delivery room doctor would know when a particular situation warrants a C-section. In fact, sometimes, such circumstances become life-threatening, and yours or your child's life may depend on your doctor not only understanding the need but taking immediate action to try to save your life or the life of your child. If you or your baby suffers injury because of doctor negligence, Connecticut law allows you to seek restitution.

Charges in Connecticut fatal car accident that killed 2

There are many good drivers on Connecticut roadways. These drivers obey all traffic rules, including the speed limit, while remaining alert and ready to respond to changing conditions. However, even the safest drivers are sometimes unable to properly respond to the negligent actions of others. In fact, two people were reportedly killed in a fatal car accident said to have been caused by a wrong-way driver.

The incident that led to the fatalities reportedly happened during the early morning hours of a day in mid-December. According to reports, a driver reportedly entered the southbound lanes of I-95, driving north. Unfortunately, the vehicle reportedly collided with a southbound vehicle.

Was your surgeon rude? He or she may have caused a medical error

No one likes dealing with a rude professional, but did you know that some of them could be putting your life at risk? Medical error rates are actually higher for surgeons whose patients reported them as behaving rudely to themselves or their family members. 

This is especially troubling when you consider the laundry list of complications that often come with going under the knife. Preventable medical errors are extremely traumatic for most patients in Connecticut who usually require further medical care and lengthy recovery times. 

Family law matters: Seeking a more peaceful divorce

Many couples in Connecticut happily spend years of their lives together. But as time passes them, life changes them to people that are far removed from who they were at the beginning of their marriage. As such, many couples who were at one point happily married choose to seek a divorce. Because of their respect and love for one another, they want family law options that will lead to a more peaceful resolution than that of litigation.

Even though a divorce is inherently emotionally difficult, litigation can often create additional conflict. Spouses are often forced to provide evidence against their former partner, which can make continuing a relationship in the future -- if children are involved -- especially complicated. Additionally, litigation can often prolong the process and increase the expense associated with it.

Did these potentially dangerous toys end up in your kids' hands?

With the holiday season winding down, you may have recently enjoyed watching your children rip the paper of the presents you bought them for Christmas or another celebrated holiday. They may have played for hours and thanked you endlessly (or at least once) for the gifts they received. However, you may want to make sure that the toys they play with are as safe as they appear.

Unfortunately, children often suffer injuries from toys, and in some cases, those injuries can be severe or even fatal, such as when a child chokes on a small toy part. These incidents are tragic, and by understanding what items may present serious hazards, you may have the ability to protect your children from injuries.

Lights, sirens at issue in medical malpractice lawsuit

In some cases, patients in Connecticut go to the doctor for their regular checkup only to learn that they have a serious medical condition that requires additional -- and immediate -- intervention. Patients expect that their doctors will identify such a condition and promptly refer them for more treatment. Unfortunately, a family in another state claims in a medical malpractice lawsuit that one doctor indicated that a women was not experiencing a medical emergency when she was, resulting in a delay in hospital transportation that ultimately resulted in the woman's death.

The lawsuit involves the 2015 death of a 37-year-old woman. At a regular checkup, the woman's doctor reportedly conducted an EKG test that apparently revealed the woman was experiencing poor cardiac blood flow; she was also experiencing difficulty breathing. The doctor decided that additional testing was necessary. Though she called the Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support ambulance, she told paramedics that it was not an emergency situation, even though the patient's family members claim that woman had several risk factors that should have indicated that it was.

2 men arrested for Connecticut assault that sent man to hospital

When a crime occurs, law enforcement officials in Connecticut and other areas of the country are often anxious to provide answers to the victims as well as the community to provide some sort of peace of mind. However, criminal charges must be supported by evidence. Unfortunately, it is unclear what evidence supports the assault and other charges filed against two men.

Their arrests were in connection with an incident that allegedly happened on a day in October. According to reports, a 35-year-old man was discovered on a sidewalk at approximately 1 a.m. Reports note that the man was covered in blood and unresponsive.

All about Breathalyzers: Taking them, accuracy, fighting results

Every day, all across the state of Connecticut, residents and visitors to this great state are stopped by police and asked to submit to sobriety testing. The Breathalyzer is a commonly used chemical test that law enforcement depends on when making arrests.

How does the Breathalyzer work? Do you have to take this test? Is it always accurate? Is there any way to fight the results?

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