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Medical malpractice lawsuit seeks damages due to misdiagnosis

The human body is a complex structure with all parts working together. As such, it may be difficult to determine what part is actually malfunctioning based on a Connecticut patient's symptoms alone, making it necessary for health care providers to perform appropriate diagnostic tests. Unfortunately, parents in another state claim in a medical malpractice lawsuit that a doctor's failure to do so resulted in the removal of their young son's testicle.

Court papers indicate that the child's mother took her soon to the emergency room in June 2016. He was reportedly suffering from testicular pain. However, she claims that the doctor who examined the boy diagnosed him with constipation without looking at the testicle.

I'm facing a DUI charge; can I get into the AE program?

When facing a DUI charge, the consequences associated with a conviction can be rather frightening, especially to a first-time offender. No one wants to go to jail, no one wants to pay insane fines, and no one wants to lose their driving privileges; however, all of these are possible penalties if you ultimately receive a conviction. There is a program available in Connecticut for some DUI offenders that may help them avoid significant consequences. It is the AE program. Who is it for and what is its purpose?

The Alcohol Education program is an alternative to criminal trial. The state understands that not all DUI offenders need or will benefit from jail time. Some people would benefit from rehabilitation, and that is what the AE program offers.

A sleepy driver could be the most dangerous hazard on the road

When you consider the main reasons why car accidents happen, you may think of issues such as distracted driving, drunk driving or speeding. You may even think of hazards such as wet roads, dangerous road conditions and other factors beyond your control that can make it difficult to drive safely. One thing you may not consider is drowsy driving. 

Many people do not realize the serious dangers posed by drowsy drivers. When a person is overly tired, he or she is less able to safely navigate the road and avoid an accident. Contrary to what you may think, one of the most dangerous hazards you may face while driving is sharing the road with a fatigued driver.

What happens to credit card debt in a Connecticut divorce?

The decision to end a marriage is difficult. Once made, couples in Connecticut have multiple decisions to make before they have completed their divorce. Questions such as who will stay in the family home and how child care will be divided are obvious. However, how debt will be divided is frequently overlooked in the planning stages of ending a marriage. Who will be responsible for credit card debt, for example, is an important question, potentially with significant implications.

People with a credit card are contractually obligated to repay any debt in their name. This includes debt they may not have personally accrued but was instead created by an authorized user of the card, such as their spouse. In a divorce, a person can also be responsible for credit card debt held in their spouse's name when the debt was the result of household expenditures, for example. In some cases, the court will determine who is responsible for what debt or the couple can create an agreement on their own.

Woman killed in Connecticut chain-reaction car accident

Drivers in Connecticut and across the country are expected to remain vigilant at all times while driving. However, extra care is necessary under certain conditions, such as bad weather or heavy traffic. Failure to take this care could, unfortunately, result in a car accident with serious consequences.

For example, an accident that took place in mid-February proved fatal. Reports indicate that the incident happened in an area where traffic attempting to get on a Connecticut interstate can back up. On the day of the accident, police say that there was heavy congestion as people returned from a holiday weekend.

What do Connecticut laws say about child support?

If you are going through a divorce or separation and you have children with your soon-to-be-ex, making sure your children have what they need is likely one of your primary concerns. In these cases, child support is generally necessary. What do Connecticut laws have to say about child support?

Like most states, Connecticut requires both parents to financially support their children. There are a number of factors looked at when determining which parent has to pay child support and how much he or she needs to provide.

Connecticut woman accused of assault after neighbor dispute

Many people in Connecticut know of the stress that is often associated with living next to someone who may be inconsiderate, making it difficult to get along. While such a scenario is frequently irritating, it rarely results in violence. Despite this, a woman is now accused of assault after she allegedly become involved in a dispute with a neighbor.

Police say they were called to a residence during the early morning hours of a day in early February. Upon arrival, they reportedly discovered a 55-year-old woman who was "bleeding profusely" from her head. She was treated at the scene before being transported to the hospital.

Did a distracted driver cause your Connecticut collision?

The day of the accident is deeply etched in your mind. Perhaps you even remember exactly the clothes you wore and your destination at the time. It's also not uncommon for sounds, smells or various images to replay themselves over and over in your mind if you suffered injury in a serious motor vehicle collision. You may have trouble sleeping at night and may show signs of post-traumatic stress disorder.

First responders, police and other rescue personnel probably made it to the scene of your collision soon after someone reported the accident. Whether you spent several hours, days or weeks in the hospital afterward, you no doubt rejoiced when your medical team informed you that you could go home. Going home after a car accident, however, doesn't necessarily mean your problems are over. Your need for support likely did not end there.

Did your doctor fail to do a C-section when you needed one?

When you have a baby, you may have no way of knowing whether or not your condition during labor might suggest a need to do an emergency C-section unless you personally have an extensive background in obstetrics and gynecology. That's why you trust your doctor to be able to recognize signs of maternal or fetal distress and make decisions in your best interest to keep you and your baby as safe as possible.

The average delivery room doctor would know when a particular situation warrants a C-section. In fact, sometimes, such circumstances become life-threatening, and yours or your child's life may depend on your doctor not only understanding the need but taking immediate action to try to save your life or the life of your child. If you or your baby suffers injury because of doctor negligence, Connecticut law allows you to seek restitution.

Charges in Connecticut fatal car accident that killed 2

There are many good drivers on Connecticut roadways. These drivers obey all traffic rules, including the speed limit, while remaining alert and ready to respond to changing conditions. However, even the safest drivers are sometimes unable to properly respond to the negligent actions of others. In fact, two people were reportedly killed in a fatal car accident said to have been caused by a wrong-way driver.

The incident that led to the fatalities reportedly happened during the early morning hours of a day in mid-December. According to reports, a driver reportedly entered the southbound lanes of I-95, driving north. Unfortunately, the vehicle reportedly collided with a southbound vehicle.

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