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Charges expected following Connecticut car accident

People in Connecticut have various hobbies and pastimes. For some, viewing cars at car shows is something that engages their interests. Though viewing such vehicles may inspire a driver to attempt to demonstrate the features of their own vehicles, doing so could ultimately cause serious harm. In fact, police believe that a recent car accident was caused by a driver attempting a "burn-out."

The incident happened one afternoon on a day in September. According to reports, a Connecticut police department was hosting a car show. Unfortunately, a woman -- whose identity was not immediately available following the accident -- revved her engine in an attempt to "smoke the tires" while leaving the show.

Dangerous driving behaviors that are unfortunately all too common

Unless you live close to all your preferred destinations, you may rely on your vehicle as your primary means of transportation. Prior to jumping behind the wheel each day, you might decide to stop to consider all the scenarios you could encounter on the road and form a strategy on how to handle them.

Unfortunately, being prepared for every possible circumstance could prove difficult, if not impossible. However, by gaining an understanding of the most prevalent driving behaviors that could pose a threat to your safety, you might be in a better position to spot a hazard in time to avoid a catastrophe.

Dangerous product: $289 million award against Monsanto

People in Connecticut likely come into contact with a variety of different substances each and every day. In many cases, people are unaware of this contact but put their faith in manufacturers that all products have been determined to be safe or, if not, proper warnings are provided. Unfortunately, a man in another state claims that his contact with a dangerous product, an herbicide, has left him with incurable cancer.

The man purportedly worked for years as the groundskeeper of a school system. As part of his job responsibilities, he claims, he applied Roundup, a Monsanto product. In a recent lawsuit, the man claims that years of applying the substance caused the development of his cancer.

3 hospitalized due to Connecticut motor vehicle accident

Because some people in Connecticut and across the country spend so much of their time behind the wheel of a vehicle, it may be easy to take their safety for granted. Unfortunately, something as simple as momentarily crossing a dividing line could ultimately result in a serious motor vehicle accident. In fact, three people were recently hospitalized following a head-on collision.

The incident is said to have happened just before midnight on a day in late July. According to reports, two sport utility vehicles experienced a head-on collision on a Connecticut road. Three people were transported to the hospital.

Suffering from concussion symptoms after an accident?

As Connecticut readers know, the ways that car accidents can affect victims differ on a case-by-case basis. It is impossible to accurately predict how your injuries will affect you after an accident, and sometimes, the signs and symptoms of an injury do not show up immediately.

If you are suffering from injuries that were not apparent in the aftermath of your accident, you have options. This is rather common, especially concussion injuries. Concussions are one of the most common car accident injuries, yet they affect each person differently. If you are suffering from the symptoms of this specific type of injury after an accident, you are not alone.

What happens if I violate my probation?

You were likely relieved when the court granted you probation. This either means you already spent part of your sentence in jail or the judge granted you probation instead of jail time. While your probation likely has stipulations attached to it, you and your loved ones probably agree that it is better than spending any time at all behind bars.

However, those stipulations can trip you up quickly, and it is important to understand what could happen if you violate the terms of your probation. If the court has offered you this chance to stay out of jail, you can imagine there are likely some harsh consequences for violating the conditions of your probation.

Larceny case: Connecticut woman accused of stealing from father

Families in Connecticut and across the country often come with complicated dynamics, with some families being more functional than others. In some situations, family members are also co-workers, which can create more complications than the average family may experience. In fact, one woman was recently arrested on a larceny charge, accused of stealing from her father's business.

Police became involved with the situation in March 2017 after the woman's father contacted them. He claims that he was contacted by his bank after his daughter reportedly attempted to cash a check that would transfer money from his retirement account to her personal bank accounts. Bank employees reportedly became concerned after they claimed the signature on the check appeared to be forged.

Man in critical condition following Connecticut car accident

Most drivers in Connecticut go to great lengths to ensure their personal safety as well as the safety of those they may encounter on the roadways. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to avoid the actions of a driver who is driving the wrong way on an interstate. In fact, a man in Connecticut is now in critical condition following a car accident.

The incident happened during the early morning hours of a day in July. The wife of the 56-year-old victim claims that she received a phone call from her husband about 10 minutes after he left for work. She reports he was screaming that his car was on fire and was asking for help getting out.

The potential long-term impacts of cocaine-related charges

The police place handcuffs on you for allegedly committing a cocaine-related crime, and all you can think about is how your drug arrest will impact your future. How will it affect your reputation? Will you get prison time?

Connecticut has some of the United States' strictest laws regarding illegal drugs, and federal laws are also stringent when dealing with these matters. Here is what you can expect following a cocaine-related arrest in the Constitution State.

Mother, daughter injured in Connecticut pedestrian accident

Many mothers in Connecticut choose to take their children on a walk in the afternoon. They likely do so trusting in their overall safety. Unfortunately, one woman will likely question her future safety after she and her toddler were recently injured in a pedestrian accident.

The incident reportedly happened at approximately 4 p.m. on a day in June. According to reports, a 30-year-old woman was pushing her 2-year-old daughter in a stroller. Unfortunately, they were reportedly struck by a vehicle whose driver then fled from the scene. The force of the impact reportedly threw the toddler about 25 feet from the stroller.

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