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Personal Injury Results

Below are a few examples of cases tried or otherwise brought to successful conclusion by our firm.

Car Crash with Back Injury, $410,000.00

The plaintiff was driving her vehicle home from work; she was heading north in Old Saybrook, CT when she was struck head-on by the defendant’s vehicle. As a result of this accident, the plaintiff underwent surgeries on her lower back and lost her employment. A settlement was reached out of court in the amount of $410,000.00.

Slip and Fall in Parking Garage, $350,000.00

The plaintiff parked her car in the Defendants’, ProPark and City of New London, parking garage. While exiting the garage, the plaintiff was caused to fall due to a hole in the floor of the garage. As a result of this fall, the plaintiff severely injured her elbow. A settlement was reached out of court in the amount of $350,000.00.

Slip and Fall on Stone in Front Yard, $290,000.00

The plaintiff, a retired schoolteacher, was leasing a home in Niantic, CT. She was severely injured when she stepped on a loose stepping-stone in the yard which caused her to be violently catapulted forward and strike her face on a jagged tree stump. Due to the negligence of the property owner in maintaining his property, the plaintiff suffered multiple facial injuries and difficulty chewing and swallowing food. A settlement was reached out of court in the amount of $290,000.00.

Injury to Eye with BB Gun, $100,000.00

The plaintiff, age 15, was visiting a friend’s house when he was tragically shot in the eye with a BB gun which left him permanently blind in his left eye. Before the accident, the plaintiff was an avid basketball player and due to the risk of detaching his retina, was left unable to play any contact sports. A settlement was reached out of court for the amount of $100,000.00.

Fall From Deck, $75,000.00

The plaintiff, aged 67, was visiting a tackle shop in Connecticut when she leaned on what she thought was the railing of the outside deck, but was actually a makeshift gate. When the defendant leaned on the gate, it opened and she violently fell three feet to the ground below causing her to break her forearm and fracture her vertebrae. A settlement was reached out of court for the amount of $75,000.00.

$750,000 award for fall at EB

A former Navy petty officer was awarded $750,000 in damages following a two-week trial in U.S. District Court in Hartford, CT.

The plaintiff, age 23, who was discharged from the Navy after he fell from a wooden ladder while on duty aboard the USS Rhode Island, sued General Dynamics Corp. He fell off the ladder on the submarine while it was under construction at Electric Boat in Groton.

The ladder, which was constructed at EB, had an exposed angle iron that impaled his leg. He was in surgery for eight hours at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital and continued to suffer from “drop foot.”

The jury awarded $1,250,000 but reduced the amount to $750,000 after finding him 40% responsible for the injury.

Three car-crash suits settled in court

Three separate lawsuits stemming from car accidents were settled in New London Superior Court for $100,000 each.

Our plaintiff, aged 36, of New London received $100,000 for his injuries in the crash. He was a passenger in a car, when the car spun out of control and collided with a parked vehicle. He suffered cuts and bruises to the face, neck, chest and arms, and his right shoulder was dislocated.

Another client, aged 24, of Groton received $105,000 after her claim was settled. She was a passenger when the car crashed into a bridge abutment and a fence. The plaintiff suffered a broken nose as well as cuts and bruises on her face.

A third client in a separate collision, aged 30, received $100,000 for neck, arm and hand injuries resulting from an accident on Great Neck Road in Waterford, CT, where her car was hit from behind.

$300,000 settlement for crash victim

A $300,000 out-of-court settlement was achieved for our client for injuries suffered in a Norwich accident involving City Cab Co. The plaintiff, aged 68, suffered fractured vertebrae and other injuries to her back and arms by a cab which was turning left into a parking lot and struck her. The cab driver was charged with failure to yield right of way to a pedestrian. Our client’s injuries left her with permanent partial disability.

Victim of fall at store is awarded $125,000

We were successful in recovering $125,000 for a Groton woman who hurt herself after falling at a supermarket. She broke her wrist when she slipped on pickle juice at the supermarket’s salad bar, and filed a law suit claiming the store was negligent.

Ex-cheerleader settles injury suit for $75,000

A former cheerleader at Montville High School, who sued the school when she fell and broke her ankle while practicing a “pyramid” stunt, received a $75,000 out-of-court settlement.

Our client fractured her ankle at an after-school cheerleading practice session. She was in a cast for four months, had surgery to remove bone fragments from the ankle joint, and used crutches or a cane to walk for another 4.5 months.

The accident caused the girl to fall behind in her school work and forced her to quit her part-time job. We were able to show that the school officials were negligent when they permitted the cheerleaders to practice a dangerous stunt on a cement floor with no protective padding. In addition, the cheerleaders had been unsupervised while they practiced.

Our research revealed several instances in other states where cheerleaders died or were paralyzed when they fell doing the stunt.

In a pyramid stunt, the cheerleaders form a “human pyramid” by climbing on one another’s backs and shoulders. The top often completes the stunt by doing a flip off the top into the arms of the others.

Woman hurt by dog received $275,000

We obtained $275,000 for our client for injuries she received when she was knocked to the ground by a dog. She was looking at a property to purchase when she was knocked down and sustained an injury to the right side of her face and jaw. An injury to her left knee also was aggravated.

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