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March 2019 Archives

A sleepy driver could be the most dangerous hazard on the road

When you consider the main reasons why car accidents happen, you may think of issues such as distracted driving, drunk driving or speeding. You may even think of hazards such as wet roads, dangerous road conditions and other factors beyond your control that can make it difficult to drive safely. One thing you may not consider is drowsy driving. 

What happens to credit card debt in a Connecticut divorce?

The decision to end a marriage is difficult. Once made, couples in Connecticut have multiple decisions to make before they have completed their divorce. Questions such as who will stay in the family home and how child care will be divided are obvious. However, how debt will be divided is frequently overlooked in the planning stages of ending a marriage. Who will be responsible for credit card debt, for example, is an important question, potentially with significant implications.

Woman killed in Connecticut chain-reaction car accident

Drivers in Connecticut and across the country are expected to remain vigilant at all times while driving. However, extra care is necessary under certain conditions, such as bad weather or heavy traffic. Failure to take this care could, unfortunately, result in a car accident with serious consequences.

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