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Personalized Strategies For Divorce Litigation

Your marriage was complicated.
Your divorce doesn’t have to be.

If you anticipate going to court for your divorce, a well-planned strategy is essential. How you approach your case can affect your current and future finances, your children and your overall satisfaction with the divorce process.

Our trial lawyers at Mariani Reck Lane LLC have experience with the many aspects of divorce litigation. When negotiation or mediation is not sufficient, our team is ready to create a strategy for court. Whether you need effective representation or trial preparation assistance, we will provide thorough service.

Ensure Fair Division Of Marital Property

Regardless of whether you have been married for a few years or a few decades, your marital property will be subject to asset division through the court. This process can impact your financial security – all the way through retirement.

We can help you develop a case strategy to protect your property, including:

  • Your house, cars and entertainment vehicles
  • Investments and retirement accounts
  • Savings
  • Personal belongings, including pets

Our divorce attorneys pay close attention to the consequences of keeping, losing or dividing certain types of assets. We can review your entire financial portfolio and personal goals to develop a strategy that suits your interests. We will also identify your separate property, which we can protect from divorce entirely.

Child Custody And Parenting Time

If you have minor children, child custody, child support and parenting time are likely going to be a major focus of your divorce. Although the court ultimately decides which parent can have custody or visitation rights based on the best interests of a child, a skilled lawyer can help you voice your perspective.

During child custody proceedings, we can advocate for your relationship with your child. We can also help you negotiate a parenting agreement in shared custody cases.

Alimony Must Be Fair To Both Parties

Temporary or permanent alimony is a possible outcome of divorce in Connecticut. However, spouses seeking alimony must show the court that they have a significant need or that the other party earns significantly more. We know how to argue on behalf of either party toward reaching a reasonable arrangement.

Trial Can Be Overwhelming. Let Us Help.

Our New London attorneys are recognized for their knowledge in family law as well as their commitment to client service. You can trust that we will serve you with professionalism and integrity. Call 860-910-1048 or email us to begin preparing for your divorce trial today.

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