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The Right Lawyer Makes a Big Difference

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The Right Lawyer Makes a Big Difference

The benefits of mediation during divorce

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Even if you feel ready to end your marriage, the prospect of going through the overwhelming divorce process could be holding you back from moving forward. However, divorce does not have to involve drawn-out legal battles performed before a judge. For Connecticut couples who are ready for an amicable end, mediation provides an effective alternative.

Although still not well-known, mediation is an alternative dispute resolution that is typically both quicker and cheaper than the traditional approach to divorce. It is also helpful for parents who want to continue co-parenting peacefully regardless of their marital status.

Mediation — what is it?

In the past, divorcing couples would usually each retain a lawyer and immediately prepare for litigation. In mediation, each person will typically still have a lawyer representing them, but they will also work with a neutral, third-party mediator.

If you decide on mediation, you will discuss everything during mediation, including property division, child custody, realistic financial expectations and more. The mediator will then guide these discussions and help you reach the best possible agreement.

Why choose mediation?

Mediation promotes a collaborative mindset rather than a combative one. When you are prepared to work together to find a solution, you can usually reach an agreeable settlement much quicker than if you are ready for a battle. The associated costs are also much less than that of litigation.

Even if money and time are not a concern, the ability to create a unique settlement that best reflects your situation is a huge plus. Litigation tends to promote winner-loser outcomes without much consideration to compromise. With mediation, you can use creative solutions to overcome complex issues.

Is it right for me?

Mediation is a good option for many people in Connecticut, including those who want a more cooperative approach. However, if any type of abuse or addiction is involved, then you may want to consider looking at other options.

While a neutral mediator helps guide the process, you still need someone on your side. Working with an attorney experienced in Connecticut family law can ensure that you have someone upholding your rights and interests regardless of how you proceed with your divorce.

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