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3 actions to avoid in the aftermath of an automobile accident

On Behalf of | May 16, 2022 | Personal Injury |

In the wake of a wreck, you may find yourself overwhelmed by shock and confusion. It may be difficult to know how to proceed.

Just as there are actions you need to take, such as calling the police, there are also certain ones you need to avoid.

1. Putting Off Medical Care

Even if you initially feel fine and do not see visible signs of severe injuries, you may still have serious internal injuries or brain trauma. Significant signs may not appear until days or even weeks later when it is too late to mitigate the damage. Go to the nearest hospital for a checkup or allow any medical professionals that responded to examine you.

2. Expecting the Police To Do Everything

The police officers may focus more on clearing the site and directing traffic, so they may not gather all the details. You need to obtain photos of anything on the scene that may become relevant later, including car damage, property damage and skid marks on the road. You also need to record witness statements. These are pieces of evidence you may need when filing a claim or if you end up in court later.

3. Allowing the Other Party To Leave Prematurely

If the other driver wants to leave, do not let him or her do so until you receive their contact information. Make sure you have his or her name and insurance details. Do not admit to any fault while talking with the other party.

What you do right after an automobile accident may have a big impact later. Performing certain actions and avoiding others may determine how difficult it is to receive compensation.


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