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The potential penalties faced for drug crime charges

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

Penalties for drug crimes can be alarmingly high in Connecticut and throughout the nation. Fines for drug possession charges can be steep and overwhelming and accused individuals also face jail time and possible stiff prison terms. Drug charges can change an individual’s life in an instant which is why it is helpful for accused individuals for accused individuals to be familiar with criminal defense options that protect them.

Though all drug crimes are potentially serious, the most significant penalties are usually associated with drug trafficking accusations and crimes. Penalties for drug possession crimes may be somewhat lesser than those charged for drug trafficking and distribution crimes but are still serious. Drug crime sentencing can also be influenced by mitigating and aggravating factors which can include consideration given to the amount of drug, type of drug or other factors such as proximity to a school or children for example.

Because of the potentially devastating costs and consequences associated with drug charges, understanding criminal defense options is vital for any accused individual facing the potential loss of their freedom to drug charges. Criminal defense protections include important rights that protect accused individuals. Accused individuals should keep in mind that a strong criminal defense strategy may help accused individuals mitigate the impact of drug charges by challenging the alleged evidence against them. Additionally, there may be other options to consider such as a plea agreement or alternative sentencing options, depending on the circumstances.

Defending against drug charges requires the accused individual to know how the criminal justice system works and the protections it affords them. Criminal defense protections include the right to challenge drug charges or any criminal charge an accused individual may find themselves facing.


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