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Couple spends weeks in hospital after dog attack

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2019 | Personal Injury |

There is no doubt that the vast majority of pet owners in Connecticut love their animals. They often go out of their way to ensure that their pets lead happy, healthy lives. However, pet owners also have a responsibility to protect others from the actions of their pets. In fact, a dog owner in another state now faces a felony charge after a dog attack reportedly sent a husband and wife to the hospital for weeks.

The incident happened at approximately 8:40 a.m. on a day in early June. According to reports, the man and woman were walking in a park, an activity that was reportedly usual for them. However, reports indicate that, on this day, they were attacked by three dogs while doing so.

A fundraising webpage set up on behalf of the couple claims that the husband was able to help the injured woman into a tree, but the dogs then pinned him to the ground. The attack reportedly continued until police arrive. An officer fired at the dogs, killing one; the other two were later euthanized. The same webpage claims that the couple spent several weeks in the hospital as they received treatment for the injuries they suffered.

In addition to their hospital bills, the victims of the dog attack were also unable to work, potentially leaving them in a precarious financial situation. While the dog’s owner — whose identity has not been released — faces criminal charges — the family can also seek justice in a civil court. A successfully presented personal injury lawsuit could result in a financial award that could help them cope with the medical bills and lost wages they are experiencing during their recovery. Those similarly injured in Connecticut often choose to seek guidance from an attorney experienced with such cases.


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