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Connecticut Senate campaign leads to larceny allegation

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

Many people in Connecticut and across the country often feel the need to take action to bring about change in support of their political ideologies. While there are a variety of different ways to do this — including running for office — some people choose to support a candidate who reflects their personal beliefs by volunteering to help with his or her campaign. Unfortunately, a man now faces a larceny charge after he spent time serving as campaign treasurer for a failed 2014 campaign.

Following the election, the State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC) randomly selected the campaign for an audit. However, the SEEC claims that the now 45-year-old man refused to cooperate with the audit, failing to provide requested documentation. The candidate running for office reportedly did cooperate but was not significantly involved with the campaign’s finances. 

As part of the investigation, investigators claim to have discovered a cash withdrawal and six checks that personally benefited the defendant. These transactions allegedly occurred without authorization from the campaign. The former candidate claims that the position the defendant served in the campaign was voluntary; the former says he had no knowledge of any agreements regarding compensation. Officials served a search warrant on the defendant’s home in 2018; they claim that the man was cooperative during the search.

Unfortunately, he now faces a charge of second-degree larceny, potentially leaving the Connecticut man facing an uncertain future. Many people facing such accusations often feel overwhelmed by the situation they face. However, there are experienced criminal defense attorneys who can help them understand their options and rights during all stages of an investigation, including before charges are actually filed.


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