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How is spousal support determined?

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2019 | Family Law |

Marriages end for all different kinds of reasons. There are several matters that a divorce agreement can outline, including how the former couple will divide up any shared assets, arrangements for child custody and spousal support. Spousal support, if needed, is determined by several factors here in Connecticut.

Though every state has its own requirements for determining the amount of spousal support to be awarded, if any, there are some basic guidelines that apply in most cases. The court will look at the needs of the spouse who would receive the support in comparison to the paying spouse’s income level and means of making payments. The time that the two people have been married is also taken into consideration, along with the type of lifestyle they maintained, whether the couple had children and the age and health levels of each spouse. A divorce can greatly affect the income level of a spouse who did not make as much money as the other spouse, and spousal support is intended to offset that.

If the paying spouse’s finances change after a spousal support agreement has been determined, the agreement can be modified, though some people decide to designate their agreements as non-modifiable. The agreement may have an end date, though spousal support could end early if one of the former spouses passes away or the spouse receiving payments decides to remarry. Even with a spousal support agreement, a recipient may want to consider adding life or disability insurance to the divorce agreement in case anything happens to the paying spouse.

Anyone here in Connecticut who is considering a divorce and thinks that he or she may need to pay or receive spousal support may benefit from involving an experienced divorce attorney. Divorce proceedings can generate a great deal of emotion and hurt feelings. An impartial person such as an attorney can help a person find his or her way through what can be a difficult transition.


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