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Charges expected following Connecticut car accident

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2018 | Personal Injury |

People in Connecticut have various hobbies and pastimes. For some, viewing cars at car shows is something that engages their interests. Though viewing such vehicles may inspire a driver to attempt to demonstrate the features of their own vehicles, doing so could ultimately cause serious harm. In fact, police believe that a recent car accident was caused by a driver attempting a “burn-out.”

The incident happened one afternoon on a day in September. According to reports, a Connecticut police department was hosting a car show. Unfortunately, a woman — whose identity was not immediately available following the accident — revved her engine in an attempt to “smoke the tires” while leaving the show.

However, police say that she lost control of her vehicle while doing so. The vehicle crossed lanes and ultimately struck two pedestrians — a man and his son, a minor — before striking a gas station sign. The extent of injuries suffered in the collision is unclear. Police expect that criminal charges will be filed once the investigation is complete. Police closed the street and shut down the gas station while they investigated.

Some drivers in Connecticut may feel that “burn-outs” and other similar actions are relatively innocuous. Unfortunately, this incident seems to prove that that is not the case, and drivers could cause harm to others by doing so. If the car accident resulted in serious injuries to the pedestrians, the family may be facing a complicated financial situation. To help cope with lost wages and medical bills, victims of accidents such as these often file a personal injury lawsuit in pursuit of recompense.


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