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3 hospitalized due to Connecticut motor vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2018 | Personal Injury |

Because some people in Connecticut and across the country spend so much of their time behind the wheel of a vehicle, it may be easy to take their safety for granted. Unfortunately, something as simple as momentarily crossing a dividing line could ultimately result in a serious motor vehicle accident. In fact, three people were recently hospitalized following a head-on collision.

The incident is said to have happened just before midnight on a day in late July. According to reports, two sport utility vehicles experienced a head-on collision on a Connecticut road. Three people were transported to the hospital.

Among the injured victims were both drivers and a passenger in one of the SUVs. The nature of their injuries are unclear. The incident remains under investigation, and police are asking anyone with information to contact them.

Often, it may be difficult for investigators to immediately discern the cause of a Connecticut motor vehicle accident. However, a thorough investigation will likely leave them better positioned to make such a determination. In the meantime, the victims of the accident may be facing a long and difficult recovery, with both physical and financial implications. With or without the official police investigation, the accident victims may choose to file a personal injury lawsuit if the evidence suggests that the negligence of one or more parties caused or materially contributed to the crash. A successfully presented lawsuit could result in a monetary award that will help these victims with the bills and other financial complications that may arise from their injuries.


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