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Larceny case: Connecticut woman accused of stealing from father

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

Families in Connecticut and across the country often come with complicated dynamics, with some families being more functional than others. In some situations, family members are also co-workers, which can create more complications than the average family may experience. In fact, one woman was recently arrested on a larceny charge, accused of stealing from her father’s business.

Police became involved with the situation in March 2017 after the woman’s father contacted them. He claims that he was contacted by his bank after his daughter reportedly attempted to cash a check that would transfer money from his retirement account to her personal bank accounts. Bank employees reportedly became concerned after they claimed the signature on the check appeared to be forged.

The incident prompted an investigation by police. Officials believe that the 49-year-old woman, who works as the business manager of her father’s towing company and holds power of attorney for her father, embezzled over $600,000 from the business and her dad over the course of several years. The money, police claim, was used to pay the woman’s personal bills, taxes and gambling debts. She was recently arrested and charged with forgery and larceny.

Cases involving allegations of larceny and other criminal charges can often be complicated. Those in Connecticut facing criminal charges due to similar circumstances may not fully understand the charges against them or their options. Because people are considered innocent until — and only if –proved otherwise, defendants often hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to ensure that they are treated lawfully throughout criminal proceedings.


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