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Did a doctor’s negligence cause your child’s birth injuries?

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Giving birth, while often cited as one of the most exciting milestones in life, also carries various inherent risks to both mother and child. Every Connecticut woman preparing for childbirth hopes to have a swift, safe labor and delivery. Hospital settings can be quite stressful and chaotic at times; most mothers feel more confident when they know their attending physicians are experienced, focused individuals who will act according to the highest level of accepted safety standards.

Sadly, many birth injuries are later deemed to have been entirely preventable were it not for medical negligence. Before you enter a hospital to give birth, it may be best to review state laws and seek clear understanding of your rights in case something goes wrong. You, of course, must have a lot of trust in the medical professionals attending to your own and your child’s needs; however, if you think a staff member has dropped the ball and your child has suffered, you may take immediate steps to address the problem.

Medical malpractice may result in these injuries`

The bottom line is that diligent medical care can help prevent many medical disasters. The opposite is also true in that doctor or other medical staff member negligence can have catastrophic results. Medical malpractice often causes birth injuries included in the following list:

  • Complications can arise as an infant makes an entrance into the world; however, if a doctor pulls or tugs on a baby too hard when helping him or her navigate the birth canal, the result can include bone fractures, especially of the clavicle.
  • Doctors who use vacuum extractors or forceps in deliveries may cause facial injuries to infants when they apply too much pressure. Signs of such injuries include a baby’s inability to close one eye or facial paralysis.
  • If a doctor’s negligence causes oxygen deprivation to a baby’s brain, he or she may suffer permanent disabilities due to severe brain injuries.
  • Shoulder dystocia, occurring when an infant’s shoulder is stuck inside the mother’s pelvic region, may lead to brachial plexus injuries. Doctor negligence is often a cause of such injuries.

If your infant suffers an injury at birth, hopefully you are able to obtain immediate medical treatment to resolve the situation and your baby enjoys a swift and full recovery. Unfortunately, many birth injuries have life-long consequences, leaving parents feeling betrayed by those they trusted and overwhelmed by their circumstances.

Support is available

Your community may have a support group for parents whose children have suffered birth injuries due to medical malpractice. You can also tap into legal resources to learn more about how to seek recovery for the damages your family has suffered.

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