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Mariani Reck Lane Lecture at National Business Institute Seminar

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Attorney Linda Mariani spoke about the failure to obtain and interpret financial documents during divorce proceedings. Her lecture focused on the importance of diligent discovery methods to ascertain and uncover critical financial documents including proof of income, bank account information, financial statements, investment accounts, retirement accounts and other critical financial data.

Attorney Steven Reck spoke about the valuation of assets and proper accounting of debts during divorce. With respect to the valuation of assets, Attorney Reck’s presentation focused on how and when to obtain appraisals when necessary, the difference between active and passive assets, accounting for a change in value of assets and analyzing tax records to find hidden assets. With respect to the accounting of debts, his presentation focused on credit cards, student loans, auto loans, mortgage loans and the ramifications of bankruptcy.

Attorney Jonathan Lane spoke about the equitable distribution of assets during divorce. His presentation focused on identifying the sources of marital assets, the weight given to the spouses’ respective contributions to assets, the equitable division of real estate, the division of personal injury and workers’ compensation settlement awards, the division of business interests and commingling of premarital, gifted and inherited property.

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