Divorced parents often find that their original custody and
visitation agreement no longer works with their new job schedule. Or they might
find that they are unable to afford the child support payments because they
just lost their job. Parents should know that there are ways to modify these
original divorce agreements
. There are specific forms for post-judgment
modifications that can be filed with the court to open these judgments and
modify the original agreement.

But be aware, there are restrictions. The court must first
find that a substantial change in circumstance and/or that it is in the best
interests of the child before any post-judgment modification can occur. Even if
both parents agree to some kind of modification, a “dissolution action cannot
be modified by acts of the parties without further decree or order by the
court.” Albrecht
v. Albrecht
, 19 Conn. App. 146, 151, 562 A.2d 528, cert. denied, 212 Conn.
813, 565 A.2d 534 (1989).” Ford v. Ford, 72 Conn. App. 137, 141, 804
A.2d 215 (2002). To find out more or to start the modification process contact
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