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Have you heard of a post-nuptial agreement?

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The case of Bedrick v. Bedrick 300 Conn. 691 (Conn.
2011) established the principles and enforceability of post-nuptial agreements.
A post-nuptial agreement is just what it sounds like. A written contract
(similar to a pre-nuptial agreement) that is executed after a couple gets
married and makes arrangements should a divorce proceeding take place in the

A few years ago the post-nuptial agreement was not even a
term in family law, but in recent years they have been gaining more in popularity
for a variety of reasons; from relieving financial headaches to protecting
yourself from your spouse’s business debts.

If you are already married and still want to relieve the
headache and stress of what a future divorce may bring, a post-nuptial
agreement may be something to consider.

But make sure to keep in mind that the standard of
enforceability for a post-nuptial agreement is a heightened scrutiny from that
of a pre-nuptial agreement. Due to the heightened level of scrutiny it is
important for you to use the best and most competent Family Law Attorneys, with
proven knowledge and experience to properly execute your post-nuptial
agreement. –Mariani Reck Lane LLC, LLC.


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