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Connecticut Senate campaign leads to larceny allegation

Many people in Connecticut and across the country often feel the need to take action to bring about change in support of their political ideologies. While there are a variety of different ways to do this -- including running for office -- some people choose to support a candidate who reflects their personal beliefs by volunteering to help with his or her campaign. Unfortunately, a man now faces a larceny charge after he spent time serving as campaign treasurer for a failed 2014 campaign.

Multiple criminal charges filed in Connecticut credit card case

The prospect of going through the criminal justice system is often a daunting one, especially for those who are facing multiple charges and may have little legal training. Unfortunately, the decisions that defendants make can ultimately have a significant impact on the overall outcome of their case. In fact, two men who are facing several criminal charges in Connecticut may now be considering their options.

2 charged with assault, other charges after Connecticut robbery

When a crime occurs in a Connecticut community, police are often eager to find someone to blame. This may be especially true when the the victim of a crime is an elderly person. In fact, two people are now accused of assault, among other charges, following an alleged robbery at a motel.

Connecticut woman accused of assault after neighbor dispute

Many people in Connecticut know of the stress that is often associated with living next to someone who may be inconsiderate, making it difficult to get along. While such a scenario is frequently irritating, it rarely results in violence. Despite this, a woman is now accused of assault after she allegedly become involved in a dispute with a neighbor.

2 men arrested for Connecticut assault that sent man to hospital

When a crime occurs, law enforcement officials in Connecticut and other areas of the country are often anxious to provide answers to the victims as well as the community to provide some sort of peace of mind. However, criminal charges must be supported by evidence. Unfortunately, it is unclear what evidence supports the assault and other charges filed against two men.

Larceny case: Connecticut woman accused of stealing from father

Families in Connecticut and across the country often come with complicated dynamics, with some families being more functional than others. In some situations, family members are also co-workers, which can create more complications than the average family may experience. In fact, one woman was recently arrested on a larceny charge, accused of stealing from her father's business.

Criminal defense: Connecticut man accused of fraud

When people in Connecticut are charged with a crime, they are often unsure of their legal options. As such, many people may be unable to recognize a violation of their rights and take appropriate action should they be treated unlawfully. In fact, one man may be considering his criminal defense following his recent arrest.

Criminal defense: Connecticut man charged with DWI

It is relatively simple to become involved in a motor vehicle accident. Even drivers who are typically safe and observant can become involved in a crash if their attention is taken away from the road for only a moment. Unfortunately, a man in Connecticut is now likely considering his criminal defense after he was arrested for DWI following a crash.

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