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Prosperity After Divorce

May 20th, my colleague Michelle Jacobik, a highly sought after Budget Coach is beginning her next Virtual Prosperity After Divorce Masterclass. If you or someone you know is divorced or divorcing this may be ideal for you!

Did forceps or vacuum extraction cause injury to your baby?

Going through childbirth can be an unbelievable experience. Many parents find it amazing what the human body can do when it comes time to bring a child into the world. Of course, most people also know that, while the body is amazing, complications can still arise during the delivery process that may require additional actions.

Writing down details about your accident may help you

As you drive to town for a day of shopping, you look forward to what the day holds. However, all of a sudden, a car makes its way toward you and does not stop. The car ends up striking your automobile, leaving you questioning how a day that started out so good could become so bad in a matter of seconds.

When a lack of concentration sparks a need for compensation

You probably see it all too often on Connecticut roads: a driver who hesitates to pull out when a light turns green, or one who veers slightly in and out of a lane. Distracted driving is a serious concern across the nation, and the consequences of such negligence can be exceedingly severe.

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